Upcoming Events

  • 11/18: PreDan 1:00 p.m.
  • 11/21 & 25: FUN Days
  • 11/24-25: Dojo closed
  • 11/25: Happy Thanksgiving!
  • 11/28: French Toast Day
  • 12/3: North Coast Aikikai Party
  • 12/5: International Ninja Day
  • 12/7: Pearl Harbor Day
  • 12/14: Monkey Day
  • 12/16: Testing 10:00 a.m.
  • 12/16: Holiday Party 10:00 a.m.
  • 12/21: Don’t Make Your Bed Day
  • 12/23: Last Day of Classes

About Us

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Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family. It is in the spirit of ‘ohana that Libby & Tom Hill and their dedicated staff open Family Karate, the ‘Ohana Dojo, and invite all who share in that spirit to join us.

Family Karate is a community of martial artists of all skill levels striving to be stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through training in martial arts. We conduct our training in a supportive family atmosphere. We believe training in such a manner not only creates stronger individuals but stronger families, and ultimately creates a larger family of which we are all a part.

If you're interested in learning more about Family Karate, give us a call 440-255-7300 or email us with questions!

Class Offerings

Kajukenpo style
Ages 7 & up
Mind & Body Martial Arts Ages 8 to adult
Lil' Dragons Ages 3-4
Junior Dragons Ages 5-6
Fitness Kickboxing Ages 13 & up, Evening classes
Tai Chi
Tai Chi for Health forms
Ages 13 & up
Zumba Saturday classes
Self Defense Wednesday evenings
Aikido Wednesday & Saturday classes Ages 7 & up

North Coast Aikikai

August 30 2016

North Coast Aikikai is a newly formed Aikido school and a member school of the United States Aikido Federation (U.S.A.F.). NCA was created to further the study of the martial art of Aikido.  Its foundations rest firmly in the teachings of master Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei) the founder of Aikido and Sensei Linda Vecchio founder and chief instructor of Aikido of Cleveland.  The wave logo of NCA symbolizes the flowing movement of Aikido and its ability to take form of its environment, but has a never ending energy that can move mountains.  In addition to regular Aikido classes, the school also offers special classes and workshops throughout the year.

About Aikido

Aikido is a non-competitive martial art.  It is the most modern form of Japanese self-defense.  It is different from other forms of self-defense in that the motion is circular, rather than linear.  Our course is designed to teach children and youths basic awareness of self-defense and self-protection  Aikido is entirely defensive and does not rely on physical strength or competition; hence, it is excellent for building coordination and confidence.

Becoming a Student

Individuals interested in joining the class are encouraged to first watch a class or two.  Most classes are mixed levels, meaning beginners will have the opportunity to work with students of varying levels of proficiency.  Beginners are first taught basic Japanese etiquette, which is part of training as is learning techniques.  The next part of learning is how to fall and protect the body from injury.  Falling correctly is an integral part of daily practice.  Once the beginner has learned these basics, they are now ready to work into the rest of the class.  Various basic techniques are taught to both defend and avoid confrontation due to an attack or bullying.

North Coast Aikikai’s Head Instructor

Mr. Salvatore LaCorte has been training for over 33 years and is a 5th degree black belt.  He has a teaching certificate from U.S.A.F. and holds the official title of Shidoin or Chief Instructor.  Mr. LaCorte has been training continually and has taught self-defense at Aikido of Cleveland and Lakeland Community College.

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