Upcoming Events

  • 11/18: PreDan 1:00 p.m.
  • 11/21 & 25: FUN Days
  • 11/24-25: Dojo closed
  • 11/25: Happy Thanksgiving!
  • 11/28: French Toast Day
  • 12/3: North Coast Aikikai Party
  • 12/5: International Ninja Day
  • 12/7: Pearl Harbor Day
  • 12/14: Monkey Day
  • 12/16: Testing 10:00 a.m.
  • 12/16: Holiday Party 10:00 a.m.
  • 12/21: Don’t Make Your Bed Day
  • 12/23: Last Day of Classes

About Us

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Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family. It is in the spirit of ‘ohana that Libby & Tom Hill and their dedicated staff open Family Karate, the ‘Ohana Dojo, and invite all who share in that spirit to join us.

Family Karate is a community of martial artists of all skill levels striving to be stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through training in martial arts. We conduct our training in a supportive family atmosphere. We believe training in such a manner not only creates stronger individuals but stronger families, and ultimately creates a larger family of which we are all a part.

If you're interested in learning more about Family Karate, give us a call 440-255-7300 or email us with questions!

Class Offerings

Kajukenpo style
Ages 7 & up
Mind & Body Martial Arts Ages 8 to adult
Lil' Dragons Ages 3-4
Junior Dragons Ages 5-6
Fitness Kickboxing Ages 13 & up, Evening classes
Tai Chi
Tai Chi for Health forms
Ages 13 & up
Zumba Saturday classes
Self Defense Wednesday evenings
Aikido Wednesday & Saturday classes Ages 7 & up

Meet the Staff

January 18 2017


Rita McKinney



Sensei Rita started karate in 1991 and achieved black belt in 1995.                         She currently is a Godan or 5th degree black belt. Sensei Rita is                                 the Head Instructor at Family Karate and runs the Lil’ Dragons                             and Junior Dragons programs. Sensei Rita loves to teach all ages,                          but the children are her primary motivation. Her hobbies are                         painting, photography, and shopping especially at garage sales!

Libby Hill



Tai Chi

Sensei Libby is a Godan, fifth degree black belt, who has been                       studying Kajukenpo for 21 years and previously studied Hapkido                          for 2 years.  She has also studied Tai Chi Chuan and is a certified               instructor of  Tai Chi from Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health Institute.               She recently earned her Senior Trainer status from the Institute                              as well. In addition to teaching the Junior Warriors, teens and                          adults Kajukenpo karate, she instructs Dragons, and Tai Chi Chuan.               Sensei Libby is the General Manager of Family Karate. She is                                  the mother of 2 sons, both of whom are black belts. Sensei Libby              volunteers for many local agencies, St. James Episcopal Church                            and the local chambers of commerce. In her spare time she plays                         with her dog, enjoys puzzle games, theater, travel and gardens.
Master Gene Kleckner

Taekwondo Weapons

Master Gene began studying Karate when attending Lakeland                Community College under Masters Molesch and Feldman. There he           obtained his 1st Gup ranking. He then took a break from training                            to obtain his academic degrees. Eight years later he began training                   again, this time accompanied by his son and later by his daughter.                        He resumed training with Master Molesch where he obtained his                           4th Dan ranking. Master Molesch impressed upon him the artistry                    aspect of martial arts and remaining true to a core set of beliefs.                    Teaching others provides great satisfaction and a sense of pride                         along with providing benefits to society.

Jim Hill


Sensei Jim is a Nidan or 2nd degree black belt. In addition                                        to teaching juniors and adults, he will be seen behind the                                     Front Desk. Sensei Jim graduated from Hiram College and                                    does voice-over work. He is married to Sarah and they live                                          in Cleveland. They are the proud parents of David Freeman Hill,                              a Junior Dragon, and Ella Eileen Hill, soon to be in Lil’ Dragons.                          Sensei Jim loves movies and music. You may catch him at local                          clubs performing stand-up comedy.
Tom Hill


Sensei Tom began in the martial arts with his wife, Sensei Libby,                          and his 2 sons 22 years ago. He is currently a Sandan, 3rd degree                        black belt. Sensei Tom primarily teaches the novice level karate                   students. Outside the dojo Sensei Tom is an independent broker                         with Lighthouse Advisors. You will also see him performing                                      in area community theaters.  He has volunteered for United Way                            of Lake County for over 15 years and is currently heading the Soup                          to Service Campaign at St. James Episcopal Church.
Sensei SusanSusan DiPalma


Laura BowerKarate40+ Karate
Sensei Laura, a Sandan, 3rd degree Black Belt has been involved                              in the martial arts for 10 years. She assists teaching 40+ Karate                              and the Advanced Belt classes. Laura works for University Hospitals                      at an X-ray Technologist. She has a beautiful daughter, Patty Spooner.