Upcoming Events

  • 11/18: PreDan 1:00 p.m.
  • 11/21 & 25: FUN Days
  • 11/24-25: Dojo closed
  • 11/25: Happy Thanksgiving!
  • 11/28: French Toast Day
  • 12/3: North Coast Aikikai Party
  • 12/5: International Ninja Day
  • 12/7: Pearl Harbor Day
  • 12/14: Monkey Day
  • 12/16: Testing 10:00 a.m.
  • 12/16: Holiday Party 10:00 a.m.
  • 12/21: Don’t Make Your Bed Day
  • 12/23: Last Day of Classes

About Us

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Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family. It is in the spirit of ‘ohana that Libby & Tom Hill and their dedicated staff open Family Karate, the ‘Ohana Dojo, and invite all who share in that spirit to join us.

Family Karate is a community of martial artists of all skill levels striving to be stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through training in martial arts. We conduct our training in a supportive family atmosphere. We believe training in such a manner not only creates stronger individuals but stronger families, and ultimately creates a larger family of which we are all a part.

If you're interested in learning more about Family Karate, give us a call 440-255-7300 or email us with questions!

Class Offerings

Kajukenpo style
Ages 7 & up
Mind & Body Martial Arts Ages 8 to adult
Lil' Dragons Ages 3-4
Junior Dragons Ages 5-6
Fitness Kickboxing Ages 13 & up, Evening classes
Tai Chi
Tai Chi for Health forms
Ages 13 & up
Zumba Saturday classes
Self Defense Wednesday evenings
Aikido Wednesday & Saturday classes Ages 7 & up

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Martial Arts Programs

Our primary karate program at Family Karate is based on the style Kajukenbo, an Okinawan style developed in Hawaii that combines elements of karate, judo-jujitsu, Chinese kickboxing, American kenpo, and other art styles. It is an eclectic and ever-changing art that ties in both traditional and modern elements of the fighting arts.

Another program we offer is TaeKwonDo, the Korean national martial art.  The TaeKwonDo spirit consists of the thought of loyalty and filial piety, courage in a fight, and practical ethic thought of consistency in learning and acting.  This martial art aims to not only to acquire power and skill for self-defense but to perfect oneself in the development of character and a peace-loving spirit. Teaching our Taekwondo program is Sensei Ciro Grandini. His program includes Hapkido and Kickboxing. His program is Mind & Body Martial Arts.

40+ Karate is our third karate program. Launched in June 2009, this program is based in traditional Okinawan style, but with careful thought of the older physique.  There are still belts, uniforms, and testing, so that the parents and grandparents can enjoy the challenges and fun of the martial arts along with our younger students.

The family that kicks together, sticks together,” is the simplest way to sum up our school’s strongest belief: the importance of family. Our name, Family Karate, The ‘Ohana Dojo, is not accidental: we believe in the strength of ’ohana (Hawaiian for family) and the values held therein.

Learning how to defend yourself is a common reason for seeking out martial arts training. Certainly this is a major component of the programs at our school, but it is not the only one. Development and improvement of the self – physically, mentally, and spiritually – through training is just as important as learning self-defense.

Equally as vital an element of our program is having fun. While martial arts training is often thought to be serious business, we like to take a more relaxed approach to our art while maintaining the disciplined atmosphere any student should come to expect in a learning environment.

We welcome students ages seven and up in our Kajukenpo and TaeKwonDo programs. The 40+ Karate program welcomes students that are 40 or older as well as those adults that have physical challenges that might preclude them from participating in our other programs.  There is as much to gain from a martial arts training at Family Karate for seven year-olds as there is for seventy year-olds.

Lil Dragons (Ages 3-4)
Junior Dragons (Ages 5-6)

Much like the other martial arts programs at Family Karate, Lil’ Dragons focuses on the physical and mental development of the student. The Lil’ Dragons program differs in one major way: its use of skills. The focus on general skills over technical development makes students stronger in their personal and interpersonal lives, preparing them for not only future martial arts training, but also for the world outside the dojo.

There are eight primary skills in the program: balance, control, coordination, discipline, fitness, focus, memory, and teamwork. There are many drills and exercises used to practice these skills in class, and our instructors prepare and teach their classes in a creative manner to keep their young students interested, motivated, and always having fun.

Adult Fitness Programs
Fitness Kickboxing – Tai Chi Chuan – Pilates – Zumba – Self-Defense

Training at Family Karate is not limited to Kajukenpo and Taekwondo. We offer a number of other fitness and martial arts classes for teenagers and adults. Some focus on physical fitness and losing weight, while others are built on the development of the spirit and meditation.

A Fitness Kickboxing class at Family Karate is a high intensity workout that includes calisthenics, bag workouts, walking, running, and stretching. It is fast-paced and powerful.

Tai Chi Chuan is one of the oldest martial arts. In Tai Chi, the pace is slow and the techniques focus on gentle manipulation of the joints. It is not only physically and mentally engaging, but also spiritually uplifting. Tai Chi has been found to improve and maintain motor skills like balance, coordination, gait, and agility according to the 2011 Standards of the American College of Sports Medicine.  Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention is recognized by the Center for Disease Control as the best exercise for fall prevention.  At Family Karate, we instruct Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention, Sun 73, Beginners Tai Chi, Tai chi@Work, Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Energy, Seated Tai Chi, Yang 24, Moving Stillness Fan form and a sword form. Sensei Libby Hill is a Senior Trainer in Tai Chi for Health programs.

Our newest class in 2017 is Pilates. Pilates combines stretching and strengthening into one challenging workout.  It is perfect for cross-training.

Another new addition in 2017 is a co-ed Self-defense class.  Master Gene Kleckner and Sensei Libby Hill will be instructing techniques, strategies, awareness, and fitness for self-defense.  This will be an on-going class for 2017.

In 2011 Family Karate added Zumba to its repertoire of fitness classes. Zumba is a fast-paced dance class using primarily Latin music. The steps are easy to learn for the beginner, but can be made more challenging for the advanced student.

These six programs are combined into one program for one price, so that a fitness student can take advantage of any or all of our fitness programs. We also have a 10-class card for more flexibility designed for people who can’t get to classes on a regular basis.  Please check out our class schedule for days and times of these classes.